Latest Trend: Cross Stitch Jewellery

Putting a modern twist on classic cross stitch, crafters all over the country are creating unique and utterly charming pieces of cross stitch jewellery! Quick and easy to make, it’s no wonder that this trend has taken crafters by storm.  Take a look at the one-of-a-kind creations we discovered online…

Cross Stitch Pendant

Whether you’re brand new to the cross stitch craft or an advanced stitcher who likes to keep up to date with the latest trends, you’ve come to the right place!  Providing quick, easy and completely bespoke creations, cross stitch jewellery is a widely popular craft and fantastic for those who like to give handmade gifts or create their own bespoke pieces of jewellery. From necklaces and rings, to bracelets, earrings and brooches, cross stitch kits, to silver and gold pendants; the possibilities are endless!

Cross Stitch Pendant

We just love these cute cross stitch hair pins and necklaces found on Tip Junkie! Simple yet effective, they are great for beginners as well as more advanced cross stitchers and would make the perfect present.

Cross Stitch Pendant

Similarly, this bright and modern cross stitch palette created by Sweet Adeline Crafts creates a fantastic feature pendant full of colour!  Cross stitched onto a material such as Aida, these are perfect for those wanting to mount their unique creations onto a pendant, such as these beautiful gold and silver plated frames.

Cross Stitch Bracelet

Cross stitch jewellery doesn’t have to be limited to fabric creations! We discovered this striking, embroidered cross stitch bracelet by Corina Reitveld on the Urban Thread Blog. This statement metal cuff is a fantastically unique and innovative way of using cross stitch, and opens up a whole new world of cross stitch jewellery, including wooden and bamboo pendants, earrings and rings.

Cross Stitch Bamboo Pendant

Above: Snowflake necklace created by Red Gate Stitchery.

Another of the office favourites is this laser cut bamboo pendant created by Avant Garland, creating a really simple, yet statement piece, which can also be used to design fabulous, oversized rings.

Cross Stitch Rings


So, what are you waiting for? Get Stitching! Whether you’re a novice and want to start by creating a pendant from one of our ready to go Cross Stitch Kits or a bespoke piece finished in a gorgeous metal frame, we have all you need to get crafting!

Cross Stitch Pendant Kit

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2 thoughts on “Latest Trend: Cross Stitch Jewellery

  1. These jewellery ideas could well catch on, being new, relatively quick to do and can be a “take with you” working project. They are definitely well timed to be Christmas gifts

  2. At one time, around 1985, there was a company called Needleform, who produced a line of stitched jewelry (cuffs, earrings, and pendants) as well as 24 Kt. gold plated ornaments very similar to what I see trending now. I am very happy to see what’s old is new again.