Kumihimo Patterns for Beaded Jewellery

The Japanese braiding technique, kumihimo, has become really popular as a way to make beautiful, handmade jewellery

Traditionally, it was done using wooden tools called Marudai but the availability of specially designed foam boards means this technique is now accessible to everyone. The Beginner’s Guide to Kumihimo will unravel the mysteries of this technique and have you creating unique bracelets, earrings and other accessories in no time.

Make beautiful beaded jewellery with kumihimo patterns

With the help of clear photography and diagrams this guide to kumihimo shows you how to master eight basic knotting moves, which will enable you to create hundreds of different braided designs.


kumhimo disc

There are kumihimo patterns including step by step instructions for how to make the most popular kinds of braids including round braids with ‘Z’ and spiral patterns, textured braids and honeycomb braids. There are different variations for square braids and helix spiral braids which look stunning and can be made to make jewellery as well as home accessories such as curtain tiebacks.

Once you have mastered the basics this guide explains how to embellish your braids by adding beads for stunning effect. It includes detailed instructions for how to finish off your braids and turn them into finished pieces by adding jewellery findings and other finishing techniques.


If you want to create your own beautiful braided pieces there are kumihimo patterns including step by step instructions for four stunning projects including Round Braid Earrings and Stacking Beaded Bracelets.

To get started straight away you can either buy your own disk or plate or use the handy template in the back of the guide to make your own. Simply copy the template onto stiff card and carefully cut out, then snip into the slots and don’t forget to make the hole in the middle for the braid to hang through.

So now you have everything you need to start making your own beautiful knotted jewellery and accessories. Happy knotting!

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