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I am constantly amazed by the variety of designs that can be created using different knitting stitch patterns. There are so many ways to add colour and texture to your knitting.

The Knitter's Bible Stitch Library knitting stitch patternsFor me, choosing colours is probably the most difficult part of starting a new project. Whether it’s a gift for someone else or a project for myself, selecting the yarns to use is a tricky (and often long) process. 

As we’re coming into summer, muted or pastel shades are perfect for knitted garments and bright colours are great for picnic blankets and bags. Everyone has their favourite colours but it can be exciting to test out different combinations or work with new shades. There are some lovely colours in the Patons 100% Cotton DK range that I can’t wait to use!

The Knitter's Bible Stitch Library knitting stitch patternsThere are endless combinations of different yarns and knitting stitch patterns, and there are some great resources for learning the hugely diverse colour and texture variations that you can achieve at home. Knit 400 is an excellent comprehensive guide to knitting techniques and it has a strong focus on using colour to create unique results. It features a reference library of 400 swatches and instructions for over 80 techniques, so there’s plenty of different effects to try!

The Knitter’s Bible: Stitch Library features over 200 versatile stitches to experiment with. Every stitch is shown as a clear swatch to show the effect and texture, and the pattern is given as an easy-to-follow diagram as well as in written The Knitter's Bible Stitch Library knitting stitch patternsform. It also includes a range of project ideas to show how effective it can be to incorporate new stitches into your work.

Take a look at Knit 400 or The Knitter’s Bible: Stitch Library for more advice and inspiration on working with colour and texture.

I’d love to hear about the different knitting stitch patterns you’ve tried! Post your comments or photos of your recent projects on our Facebook page.

What will you create today?

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