Knitted Mug Cosy Pattern

The perfect gift to give (or keep yourself!) This fun knitted mug cosy project added with a specialist coffee or fine tea makes a great Christmas gift! If you have a specific mug in mind to use with this cosy, you can make the cosy to fit by adding or taking away rows before the Buttonhole. From Fun and Fast Knits

last minute Christmas Gift Idea

You Will Need:



Finished size
To fit average coffee mug with handle: my mug is 10¼in (26cm) in circumference.

Special instructions and tips
Backward Loop Cast On is the best cast-on method when adding stitches in the middle of a row, as for the buttonhole in this pattern.


Cast on 14 sts using size 8 (5mm) needles.
Row 1 Sl1, k.
Row 2 Sl1, p.
Rep last 2 rows 23 times, or until piece measures 9½in (24cm), ending with a WS row.

Buttonhole strap
Row 49 (RS) Bind (cast) off 2 sts, k to end. (12 sts)
Row 50 Bind (cast) off 2 sts, p to end. (10 sts)
Row 51 Sl1, k9.
Row 52 Sl1, p9.
Rep last 2 rows 3 times more.

Row 59 Sl1, k2, [k2tog] twice, k3. (8 sts)
Row 60 Sl1, p3, cast on 2 sts, p4. (10 sts)
Row 61 K2tog, k6, k2tog. (8 sts)
Row 62 P2tog, p4, p2tog. (6 sts)
Row 63 K2tog, k2, k2tog. (4 sts)
Row 64 [P2tog] twice. (2 sts)
Row 65 [K2tog]. (1 st)
Fasten off.

Making up
Weave in ends. Wrap the cosy around the mug you wish to keep warm. Place a pin at the place where you want the button to be, to correspond with the buttonhole. Sew on the button. If you wish, sew another button, about an 1in (2.5cm) away from the first button so that the cosy can be adjusted to fit a wider mug.


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