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This cute knitted and felted heart by Claire Garland is the perfect size to pop into the pocket of a loved one to show them how much you care. The finished heart is great for Valentine’s Day or could be given as a quirky keepsake to celebrate an anniversary.

You Will Need:

 Little knitted heart pattern

Here’s the little knitted heart pattern…

1. Knit the hugging heart following the pattern below:


*Cast on 8sts onto one needle.

Step 1: Hold needle with sts in left hand.

Step 2: Hold 2 empty dpns parallel in right hand.

Step 3: Slip 1st cast on st p-wise onto the dpn closest to you and off the needle in the left hand, then slip the next cast on st onto the dpn furthest away and off the RH needle. **

Repeat step 3 until all 8 sts are divided onto the 2 parallel dpns, 4sts on the front dpn and 4sts on the back.

Slide sts to the other ends of the dpns, working yarn at back.

RS facing, cont working in the rnd, beginning by knitting the sts on the back dpn – work sts over 2 dpns, using a 3rd dpn to knit with:

Rnd 1: K8. Place marker.

Rep last rnd 14 times. Bind off. ***

Knit the other arm as before from * to ***.


Cast on 4 sts. Cast on as Arm from * to **.

Repeat step 3 until all 4 sts are divided onto the 2 parallel dpns. Slide sts to other end of dpns. Work in the round.

Rnd 1: (inc) Beg with the 2sts at the back, kf&b 4 times. 8sts

Rnd 2: K8.

Rnd 3: (inc) Kf&b, k2, kf&b, kf&b, k2, kf&b. 12sts

Rnds 4, 6, 8, 10, 12: K.

Rnds 5, 7, 9, 11: Increase 4sts on each rnd; increasing 1st at beg and at end on each dpn. 28sts

Rnds 13, 14: K.

Rnd 15: K7, slip next 14sts off needles and onto a length of spare yarn, knit next 7sts.

Rnd 16: (dec) *Skpo, k3, k2tog, skpo, k3, k2tog. 10sts

Rnd 17: K10.

Rnd 18: (dec) Skpo, k1, k2tog, skpo, k1, k2tog. 6sts**

Cut yarn leaving a 10cm (4in) length. Join with Kitchener Stitch.

Very lightly stuff the heart with toy filling.

Divide 14sts from other side of heart equally over 2 needles, rejoin yarn, k14 then knit from * to ** (Rnd 16 to end of pattern), completing the stuffing just before joining.

If there is a tiny gap in-between the two bumps work a little stitch to close.

2. To felt both the heart and the arms, soak in reasonably hot water, then rub in a little hand soap. Wash out the soap then squeeze out the water. Rub them in between your hands: as you do this the yarn will matt together to give you the felted look you are after – if the pieces are still very damp, rub them in between a tea towel. Keep checking the heart for shape and re-moulding if necessary. Continue rubbing and agitating until the heart and arms are quite dry and well felted, re-shaping one last time before placing on a radiator to dry.

3. Once the pieces have completely dried,  sew the arms onto the heart with a matching sewing thread. Sew on buttons for the eyes using offcuts of the yarn and work a couple of long stitches with black thread for the mouth.

This project has been excerpted from, 101 Ways to Stitch Craft Create for all Occasions.

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