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My Knitted Doll is the incredibly cute new book from the hugely talented, Louise Crowther. It is full of precious toys with personalities that your little ones will adore.

My Knitted Doll Louise started designing her own knitted dolls when she struggled to find a modern doll pattern for a friend’s daughter. Well, we are glad she did, because we have fallen in love with these fresh looking dolls and their unique outfits.

We think you will really love that the pattern, colours, hairstyles and outfits can be fully customised. So if you want your Ralph doll to have blonde hair instead of brown hair or you would like your Anna doll to wear dungarees instead of a dress, that is doable.

Louise has given incredibly detailed instructions that are aimed at knitters of all abilities, however, not absolute beginners. It has been advised that basic knitting skills are needed to complete these dolls. All the instructions are presented with easy to follow diagrams, with charts for intarsia instructions for Fair Isle details and other designs.

These knitted dolls make ideal presents for children and grown up children who will admire the attention to detail. Louise has lovingly given them all names such as Jane, Faye, Penny and of course, Ralph.
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Each of the dolls has so much detail. Once you have stitched them, everyone will want one. When they came into the office with Louise, we all crowded round, it was like Christmas. What is just as lovely is that each of the dolls has their own little back story. For example, Florence is good at maths. This is important because she can work out how long it will take to save her pocket money to buy the rabbit ornament she has set her heart on.

Once you have started knitting these dolls, you won’t be able to stop. You can order My Knitted Doll on our website now. We want to see all your makes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MyKnittedDoll.

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