Kitten Mittens Knitting Pattern

This mittens knitting pattern by Claire Garland will leave you purring with delight. Soft, snuggly and super-cute, these kitten mittens are the perfect gift for cat lovers of all ages.

For this mittens knitting pattern you will need:

  • Four 5mm (US size 8) double-pointed needles
  • 1 x 100g ball pink yarn
  • Yellow stranded cotton (floss)
  • Emerald green stranded cotton (floss)
  • Lilac stranded cotton (floss)
  • Grey stranded cotton (floss)
  • Black stranded cotton (floss)
  • Mini blue bows
  • Kitten knitting chart

kitten mittens knitting pattern

Mittens knitting pattern

Cast on 28sts and divide over 3 needles; n1 – 9sts, n2 – 10sts, n3 – 9sts.

Join in the round, being careful not to twist.

Work evenly, knitting every rnd, for 18 rnds.

For right-hand mitten: K10sts, place stitch marker – this marker tallies with the marker on the motif chart – k18.

For left-hand mitten: K24sts, place stitch marker – this marker tallies with the marker on the motif chart – k4

Divide for thumb.

Rnd 20: K18, knit into front and back of next st (kf&b), K1, kf&b, k26. (30sts)

Rnd 21: K30.

Rnd 22: Place row marker, kf&b, k4, kf&b, place row marker, k26. (32sts)

Rnd 23: K32.

Rnd 24: kf&b, k6, kf&b, k26. (34sts)

Rnd 25: K34.

Rnds 26–32: Cont to increase on every alternate round at beg of thumb (after first row marker) and end of thumb (before second row marker), until the thumb has 16 sts. (42sts)

Rnd 33: K16, slide last 16 (these are the thumb sts) onto a spare length of yarn. K26.

Divide remaining stitches evenly onto 3 needles and work 1 round, leaving thumb stitches on spare yarn.

Work 4 rnds k1, p1 rib.

Cast off in rib. Weave in the end.

Rejoin 16 thumb sts to needles, dividing over 3 needles. Pick up one st at beg of thumb sts, k16, pick up 2 sts along hand junction, join in rnd as before. (19sts)

Work 3 rndsstst. Cast off.

Following the chart, work the motif using Swiss darning beginning from the marker position (red cross) and using the stranded cotton threaded in a blunt needle.

Stick,then sew on a mini blue bow at the neck of the kitten motif.

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