Kate’s Story

kates-storyKate tells us how craft led her to a happier work life.

I’ve always been a crafter, mostly cross stitch, but embroidery, knitting, patchwork and quilting, and beading as well. About 12 years ago I was working in an office environment as a computer programmer and enjoying the work but not the environment. At the same time, I started up my own very small business hand dyeing cross stitch fabrics and selling them.

Ten years ago my son was born and when the time came I didn’t want to go back to work for my employer, so I quit and focused on my business while raising my son. It’s hard work but I’m much more relaxed and I certainly enjoy the work and environment far more than I ever did when I was employed. And I still get to do loads of crafting in my spare time.

I hated the ‘office politics’ culture in which I worked, and that whether you did well and progressed was based more on who could shout the loudest about how good they were, rather than whether they were actually any good or not.

I have weeks where I work far more hours than I ever did for my employer, but I am far happier and more fulfilled now.

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