Juliet Van Der Heijden Talks Foundation Paper Piecing

Foundation Paper Piecing…

These three simple words can strike fear into the hearts of many an experienced quilters.

The good news is that the fear is not necessary. When it boils down to it, you need to learn a few basic steps and repeat them many times.

In my book Animal Quilts, I walk you through the basics of paper
piecing, before discussing more in depth subjects such as choosing
suitable fabrics, working with directional prints and piecing very small or very large pieces.
There are a whole range of tips and it is my hope that even those with
years of experience will learn a few new things.

I will admit that learning to paper piece can initially be a steep learning curve, but if you take your time, allow yourself to make mistakes and play around with your technique until you find a style which suits you, you will grow to love foundation paper piecing.

The great thing is that once you have learnt the basics, you can achieve amazing results- perfect points every time, piecing both teeny and huge pieces without issue, sewing awkward angles which would normally get you into trouble with warping fabric. The possibilities are endless…

Also included in the book are twelve animal patterns. There are a wide range of species covered: swans, two owl patterns, a monarch butterfly, rhinos, a polar bear, a panda, a highland cow, wolves, a tiger, a clydesdale horse and a peacock. Hopefully there is something for everyone.

The quilts range from mini quilts to bed size quilts and instructions are given so that you can resize the patterns as desired.

My favourite quilt from the book? Hmmm that’s a tough choice! I really do love them all, but if I have to pick a favourite, I’d say that it’s the peacock. That was the quilt which took me by surprise, it decided for itself that I was going to use different fabrics than I had originally planned. I don’t mind admitting that I was nervous about my choice, but it worked out perfectly in the end and I adore the finished quilt.

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