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Looking for a quirky gift for a friend or family member and stuck for ideas? Look no further, whatever their age, this juggling balls pattern by Upinder Birdi will provide hours of entertainment!

Juggling Balls


You Will Need:


1. The fabric you use for making the juggling balls must be a tight cotton weave and a fat quarter pack is perfect as it gives you a great selection of co-ordinating fabrics in complementary colourways. Choose four different colours and press flat.

2. Use the juggling balls pattern to cut four panels from each of your chosen fabrics; you will require four panels for each ball, but do not choose more than one of the same panel for any one ball.

3. Now start to piece the panel pieces for each ball together. Lay two panels on top of each other, right sides facing, and pin together. Taking a 1.3cm (½in) seam allowance, stitch along one edge following the shape of the curve; double stitch for extra security.

4. Repeat for the two remaining panels. Then pin the two joined panels together, right sides facing. Stitch around the edges so that the four panels are stitched together, leaving a gap for turning and stuffing of about 3cm (1 1/8in). You now have an inside out flat ball.

5. Turn the ball the right way and poke out the edges with a pencil. Using a funnel, stuff the ball tightly with dried pulses.

6. Fold the edges of the turning gap neatly in and stitch closed using an invisible ladder stitch.

7. Repeat steps 3–6 to make two more balls.

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