Japanese Hand Stitch Instagram Finds For July

Collage of gorgeous Japanese fibre art including needle felting, sashiko and cross stitch
Top Row, Left-Right: @__smrembroidery__ @hobbyra_hobbyre and @ruokaruoka Bottom Row, Left-Right: @no615mca and @ujuko

Stay on top of your game with our monthly dose of hand stitch Instagram inspiration designed to flood your feed with colour and creativity whilst building community and improving your chances of being reposted…

Upping your social media game is tricky especially when it comes to finding quality hashtags to add to your posts and like-minded folks to connect with. So, we asked Shannan from Bobbin & Fred to take up the mantel and scour all of the thread-related accounts to bring you effortless treasures.

Shannan has put together a selection of fun needlework Instagram hashtags and beautiful hand stitch posts to inspire your craftsy souls and make your embroidered hearts sing this June. As well as all of that, she’s added­ in her favourite from the images posted under our hashtag. Tag your photos with #SewandSo for a chance to be featured next time!

Over to Shannan.

Last month I insta-travelled to North America and this month I’m in Japan!

Japan’s textiles history is rich with specialist embroidery techniques, fine materials and sophisticated imagery, and so I wondered what’s coming out of the needles of modern day Japanese fiber artists and this is what I found…

1. Have you heard of Victorian hair jewellery? Now there’s Japanese hair embroidery! Mao of __smrembroidery__ has brought hair into the world of contemporary stitch by including locks of it in her unusual stitched portraits. Mao’s embellished this commission by appliqueing the first lock of a child’s hair to the backing fabric with straight stitches. Though rather niche, I imagine a portrait like this would become a family heirloom and they’re proving very popular amongst Mao’s following!

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2. Temari balls date back to the 7th Century A.D and were first made for children to play with. As time’s gone on temari have become an art form and this gorgeous collection by Couturier by Felissimo are just a few of the increasingly complex and stunning temari trained Japanese artisans make today.

3. Sashiko mania has hit England so I couldn’t resist sharing these beautiful examples by Hobbyra Hobbyre. This yummy pile of stitchy goodness looks so delicate and feminine. It’s eyeopening to see sashiko on a white background stitched in pretty colours as the traditional blue fabric with white thread is all the rage here.

4. Hand stitched brooches are huge right now in Japan! They’re all over the grid. It’s impossible to search for Japanese embroidery without finding loads of them. I love how Suzuki Rie displayed hers in a repeat pattern and how delicate their pretty flowers, scalloped edges and beaded corners look together. If you’d like to have a go at turning your mini embroideries into brooches we have a great brooch finishing kit here.

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5. Examples of Japanese embroidery or Nihonshisu can be found under #日本刺繍 on Instagram, including this stunning work in progress by the very talented Nao. Nao uses traditional materials, sewing all of her exquisite pieces in silk. Head on over to her account to see how this piece progressed. If Nao’s inspired you to stitch with silk, Soie D’Alger have a gorgeous range of colours for you to choose from.

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6. How adorable are these divine needle felted squirrels? Those little faces, complete with faux fur tails, almost look like they could scamper up trees! Ujuko handcrafts a variety of forest animals which she sells in her shop and she also makes these super cute animations with her needle-felted characters! I’m in love.

7. Miki creates stunning embroideries that she turns into a variety of finished products. She makes a range of embroidered purses and I particularly liked the sense of humour in this frog-covered offering. I also like how she pairs the simple, clean lines of satin stitch with fussy, allover motifs. They’re cute, folksy and so beautiful to admire.

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8. I couldn’t resist adding another brooch into the mix. There were so many to choose from I could’ve written a while post exclusively about Japanese embroidered brooches so I’ve done the next best thing and, included this huge and adorable selection by Nazo No Heya! She captures the sweetest expressions on the birds’ faces, I ‘awww’ every time I see them.

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9. Every month I share my favourite photo by you tagged with #SewandSo. This month I’ve chosen Kaoru Kimura‘s beautifully stitched piece. Kaoru is joining in with our mystery sal, A Right Royal Stitchalong, all the way from Japan. How cool is that? Kaoru, you’re doing a wonderful job! I can’t wait to see it finished. If you’d like to catch up with this sal, head on over here. I’d love to see your progress over on Instagram so be sure to tag your wips with #SewandSo.

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If you’ve enjoyed this month’s finds you’ll love Stitch-Tastic Embroidery Instagram Finds for May and Instagram Stitching Inspiration for June. If you’re bang up to date, Shannan will be back with more Instagram inspiration in August!

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