Which Janome Sewing Machine Should I Buy?

You want to buy a sewing machine but don’t know which one to get? Whether you’re upgrading to another model or buying your first ever machine we’ve got advice on which Janome sewing machine is right for you. Whether you want to create perfect patchwork quilts or dressmaking is your thing, there is a machine to suit you.

Best for Beginners

If you are a novice sewer you don’t need a sewing machine with bells and whistles – a mechanical machine with the basic stitches are all you need to get going. There are some great beginner-friendly machines for you to choose from including the Janome 2200XT. This model has got 22 different stitches and a 4 step buttonhole feature. It also allows you to drop the feed dogs for easy free motion embroidery which is great fun for even novice sewers.


There are some great beginner-friendly machines for you to choose from including our best buy,  Janome J3-18. This model has a free arm which is great for dressmaking projects because it allows you to sew cuffs and trouser legs. Another useful feature is the extra height foot lifter which allows for bulkier fabrics so would be ideal for using bulky fabrics as well as patchwork and quilting project. This is a great all rounder sewing machine for a novice sewer.





Best for quilters

If you are quilting you want a machine that’s not going to struggle sewing through layers of fabric and the extra needle penetration of the Janome XL601 lets you sew across heavier fabrics and multiple layers. The convenient programmable needle up/down feature is great for applique and the speed control is very useful for free motion quilting. It also comes with a quilting kit and extension table worth £119.


Other great Janome sewing machines for quilters include the Model Atelier 3 which has a larger arm length which gives you plenty of room to manoeuvre a quilt when machine quilting. It also has tonnes of different stitches including lettering which can be programmed into its memory.





Best all rounder


The Janome 525S is the go-to sewing machine for general sewing. It has 24 different stitch settings including one which creates an overlock effect which is really useful for dressmaking. It is also sturdy and robust enough to use for patchwork and quilting. This model has achieved a certain amount of fame as the machine used on the Great British Sewing Bee.

If you want a machine that will see you through a range of sewing projects from home decor to quilting and dressmaking, this is the one.




Best for dressmakers

If you are a dressmaker there are certain things you need from a machine: a range of stitches including some stretch stitches for working with knit fabrics, the ability to sew through bulky fabrics for hems and seams and a free arm to stitch cuffs and trousers. I’ve picked out a cojanomeCX301uple of models which fit the bill: the Janome J3-24 has all of the above as well as an automatic needle threader which is great if you find yourself spending ages trying to thread a needle.

The Janome CXL301 is a great choice for anyone who wants to do dressmaking or sew soft furnishings. It is fully computerized (which is really nothing to be scared of) and has a range of 30 different stitches. The extension table detaches, too, which is another big plus for dressmakers. This machine is sturdy enough to sew through layers of thick fabric so jeans and jackets shouldn’t pose a problem.


You can find the whole Janome sewing machine range in our store here, why not treat yourself?


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