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Home Quilt HomeLet us introduce you to Janet Clare – a talented quilter and expert stitcher with a distinctive, unique style. We’re delighted to have a guest post from Janet to give us an insight into her life as a designer and how she created her new book, Home Quilt Home

Janet Clare Home Quilt HomeHello! My name is Janet Clare, the author of Home Quilt Home, and I’m excited to tell you a little about myself and my work today!

My Mum and my Granny taught me to sew, knit and quilt whilst my Dad taught me to draw and paint – so I’ve been encouraged to be creative from a young age. I have a degree in textiles and fashion and was a freelance knitwear designer for many years after graduating.

I enjoy drawing, baking, dressmaking, embroidery and knitting and am fortunate enough to spend some of my days doing just that and calling it ‘work’! Of course, I also spend far too long answering emails and doing admin, but working as a textile designer is really a dream come true. My studio is my very favourite place to be – I love it! I’ve surrounded myself with all my fabrics, treasures and books, and it’s a pleasure just to be in there.

Janet Clare Studio Janet Clare Studio Janet Clare Studio

Janet Clare Home Quilt HomeMy favourite thing to do is to draw and write with my sewing machine – it’s really fun and fast to do and you can add lots of detail and character to your appliqué. I really enjoy teaching my techniques too and am delighted to be inspiring and encouraging people to be creative.

I also spend a lot of time keeping myself inspired (I think of this as ‘filling the well’) by keeping a sketchbook, going to galleries, watching films, thrift shopping, Pinterest and reading. I am often inspired by words, poems and phrases from books I’m reading. But the idea for Home Quilt Home was even simpler than that – I’ve always adored houses and can’t walk past an interesting building without imagining the life I’d lead if I lived there. So, a book about houses came very naturally to me! When I win the lottery I’m moving to a coastal cottage with nothing between me and the sea!

Janet Clare Home Quilt HomeI will admit to being slightly addicted to Pinterest, and I have a Home Quilt Home Pinterest board. I gathered houses and buildings from all round the world and then spent a happy day drawing all my favourite barns, beach huts and windmills for inspiration and to add a touch of reality to the appliqué templates I designed.

I’d be delighted to see what you make from ‘Home Quilt Home’, so please email me a photo or share one on Instagram or Pinterest. It’s so lovely to see people enjoying my designs and if you do share a photo with me please remember the last step in my patterns:

“show off what you have made, and never point out your mistakes”

Janet Clare Home Quilt Home
To find out more about Janet Clare, check out our interview with her and visit her website. If you’d like to have a go at ‘drawing’ with your sewing machine using the freehand machine embroidery technique, watch Janet’s fab video tutorial. Pick up your copy of Home Quilt Home or download the PDF eBook for instant access to instructions and templates for all of Janet Clare’s beautiful, unique designs. And don’t miss out fantastic range of downloadable quilting projects for even more inspiration!

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