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Instagram stitching inspiration: Collage of summery embroidered artworks including felt appliqued pin cushion, stumpwork doll and cross stitch
Top Row L-R: @sublimestitching @needlenthreadmc @salleymavor, Middle Row L-R: @fabricandink @thegoodthingthings @familyartisanshop, Bottom Row L-R: @kellryan @craftnik @dragonsue42

Stay on top of your game with our monthly dose of Instagram stitching inspiration designed to flood your feed with colour and creativity whilst building community and improving your chances of being reposted…

Upping your social media game is tricky especially when it comes to finding quality hashtags to add to your posts and like-minded folks to connect with. So, we asked Shannan from Bobbin & Fred to take up the mantel and scour all of the thread-related accounts to bring you effortless treasures.

Shannan has put together a selection of fun Instagram stitching hashtags and beautiful needlwork posts to inspire your craftsy souls and make your embroidered hearts sing this June. As well as all of that, she’s added­ in her favourite from the images posted under our hashtag. Tag your photos with #SewandSo for a chance to be featured next time!

Over to Shannan.

Last month I insta-travelled to Australia and this week I’m in North America! That’s the great thing about Instagram, whether someone’s cross stitching in Atlanta or sewing whitework in Zanzibar we’re all side-by-side on the grid. America’s needlework community is a huge source of inspiration for me and so I wanted to share a snapshot of that with you guys, here are my favourite Stateside finds this month.

1. Kicking off we’ve got Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching and a stunning snippet of her collaboration with French Artist, Nathalie Lété. Jenny has translated Nathalie’s artwork into embroidery designs for us all to sew. I love the idea of collaborating with artists on embroidery projects and hope this is the beginning of many more collaborations like it. These cheery, summery blooms are perfect for the changing of the seasons, summer here we come!

2. Embroidery doesn’t have to be put in a frame, take a leaf out of Mary of Needle ‘n Thread’s book and turn your mini stitches into BUTTONS!! I think these are incredibly sweet and would look amazing on a knitted jumper or even as an embellishment on a card. If you’d like to try covering your own buttons we have a plenty of self cover buttons to choose from on discount here and, for more ideas on what to do with your buttons and advice on how to make them Mary’s got you covered.

3. My current stitch crush is on Salley Mavor. Salley makes these darling stumpwork characters and sets them into embroidered scenes for children’s book illustrations and stop motion animations. The worlds Salley creates are a feast for the eyes and I’m smitten. This photo shows gorgeous Polly, one of Salley’s wee felt folk, traveling in Scotland. Those tiny thread-wrapped hands and embroidered clothing steal my heart. If three-dimensional embroidery intrigues you check out Salley’s fab Instagram stitching feed to see more of Polly’s adventures and her projects in the making.

4. Have you tried embroidering and appliqueing felt? Angele Carter of Fabric and Ink is the master of this! I can’t get enough of the colour combinations Angele uses; this pin cushion is so pretty and feminine. Angele’s technique is second to none, she hand-cuts each tiny, perfectly formed piece before appliqueing it on and you see how she does it in a short video of her hands in action here.

Calling all stitchers! I’m bloody Nigel no mates over here…. For the entire month of June let’s get off the couch, out of the lounge room, and take those bloody slippers off! I wanna to see the weirdest (safest & legal-ist) places you stitch.. the wilder the better! I’ll repost a bunch, we’ll make it a thing. If you are full time cross stitcher like me you’re probably spending a lot time sitting down.. and in a well lit room, so it’s time to have some fun and get yourselves stitching in places you probably wouldn’t stitch. Get creative- no one expects you to really stitch there… Show the best of your hometown or ya road-trip or ya holiday! Can’t wait to see what you get up too!! Just use #ididnotstitchhere and tag @thegoodthingthings so I can see! . . If you’re not a stitcher and still want to participate I’d love some suggestions! You might inspire someone somewhere in the world so go crazy.. Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, Grand Canyon, Giant Prawn…

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5. #ididnotstitchhere is the brainchild from Jes Hallagan of The Good Thing Things. Jes is from Australia but I’ve included this community hashtag because no matter where you are in the world you can join in for the whole month of June. The idea is to get off our usual sewing seats and take a selfie whilst stitching in ‘the weirdest (safest & legal-ist) place you can stitch… the wilder the better!’ For more info check out Jes’ post and get your adventure caps on! I can’t wait to see where you find to stitch.

6. My eyes lit up when I spotted this stunning embroidery by Johora Khatan of the Family Artisan Shop. It’s is so graphic and striking! Using contrasting block colours is a great way to create impact in your hand stitched artworks and Johora has nailed it. I hope her prediction of warmer days and plenty of daisies comes true in my garden soon.

7. I’m so happy I found Kelly Ryan aka. kellryan this month! Her vibrant and colourful style is right up my street and this collection #hoopart is just fabulous. If these bright an cheery hoops are making you salivate check out the #hoopart hashtag for more beautiful examples. I love Kelly’s choices of fabrics, if you’d like to try stitching onto different colours there are plenty to choose from here.

8. Jody Rice of Craftnik, the talented designer behind the stunning Satsuma Street cross stitch collection, shares her top tip when designing a new pattern. To save time, Jodi stitches the design in half cross stitch first and, then when she’s happy with all of her colour choices and placements she gives the stitches their “second coat” and completes the cross stitch. I love this idea because it’s easier to unpick if you go wrong but also because it’d easily ensure you get all of your stitches crossing in the same direction. If you’d like to have a go at designing your own cross stitch designs our new Cross Stitch Designer Light is out now.

9. Every month I share my favourite photo by you tagged with #SewandSo. This month I’ve chosen Miss Cherry Blossom stitched by Sue Livingston of dragonsue42. Sue’s done a beautiful job stitching this gorgeous design, I just love the multi-patterned layers of her kimono. Would you like to stitch this? The pattern’s available here and I’d love to see your progress over on Instagram.

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If you’ve enjoyed this month’s finds you’ll love Top Nine Instagram Embroidery Finds This April and Stitch-Tastic Embroidery Instagram Finds For May. If you’re bang up to date, Shannan will be back with more Instagram inspiration in July!

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