How To Stitch Darts | Crash Course

Follow this easy crash course and learn how to stitch darts for  perfect alterations in clothing.

Sewing Darts
A single dart tapers to a point, folding out most fabric at the seam end.

Single darts

Most darts are single and used to shape at the shoulder or bust. They are wider at the outer edge and taper to nothing within the garment.

1. Using the marks on your pattern, transfer all darts and dots to the wrong side of your fabrics. use an air-soluble pen for this., but if you don’t think you’ll be marking and sewing on the same day, use a water-soluble pen.


2. Always begin sewing a dart at the larger end, heading toward the point. Don’t stop and backstitch at the point! Instead, reduce your stitch length as you approach it, then sew very close to the edge of the fold as you sew off the point.


3. At the point of each dart, use the extra thread tails you’ve left to tie a knot by hand. Never backtack to secure a dart-it adds bulk and an odd pointiness. Instead, always tie a hand knot, then trip the excess threads.

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