How To Organise Your Craft Room With Simple Craft Room Storage Ideas

Use These Great Craft Room Storage Ideas And Design an Inspirational and Functional Craft Room.

Think of your creative space and craft room not only as your own personal crafty workbench but also as a place to learn and be inspired from. Your craft room should be organized well but also should allow you to showcase your pretty and creative things that you love as those are the things that will give you inspiration.

You will require many sewing tools of the trade and they will all need to be in close proximity to where you will be working. We all wish we had endless space for our craft workshop but the majority of us are using the small spare room, the hidden room under the stairs, the attic or even the shed out in the garden. How can you make this space work? It all comes down to creative craft room storage.

Take a look at your sewing accessories and think about where it can be stored. Does it fold? Will is stash away quite easily? Can you hang it or will it hide nicely behind a door? The most efficient way to keep your craft room organized is to get yourself some cheap shelving. This will be an invaluable storage resource, and with the right products, can look quite good too!

Find a creative way to organize your fabric. We think this craft room storage idea from is great. Storing your fabric in a filing cabinet not only looks great but helps protect your fabric from dust, outside elements and wrinkles.

Storage Ideas
Using File Cabinets for Organizing Fabrics | Craft Room Storage

Hooks of all different shapes and sizes are a great way to hang your craft tools within reach like your fabric cutters, adhesives, fabric tape and tape measure. Collect pretty jam jars and use them in your craft room to house your buttons, snap fasteners and other small knick knacks. Blog site shows us a very clever craft room storage solution by using jars with magnets glued to the tops of the lids and hooks attached beneath a simple shelf. Great craft room ideas on a budget!

Using Jars and Hooks for Organizing | Craft Room Storage

Create a little craft room inspiration area by hanging a mood board in your craft room.  A mood board is a place where you can pin swatches of fabric, pretty pictures of things that inspire you, exciting textures and colours you adore. We love this makeshift mood board from the Stitch Craft Create Team. They use garden wire and mounted it within an old vintage frame as a surround. Instant inspirational wall feature and a great craft room idea!

Use photo frames for mood boards | Craft Room

Our Top Five Craft Room Furniture Essentials You Can’t Live Without

  • Craft Chair – A comfortable adjustable chair on wheels with good back support. Make sure your sewing machine sits higher so your arm sits at about 50 degree angle. You can adjust your seat for comfort.
  • Table – A strong table that stands quite high to avoid bending your back is great for measuring and cutting fabric. Be sure that you space your table well in your craft room so it is accessible from at least two sides.
  • Sewing Desk – Make sure you don’t have clutter on the sewing desk and keep a decent amount of room on both sides of your machine for you to layout your sewing books and craft books, sewing patterns and craft accessories.
  • An Iron and Ironing Board – Don’t skimp on size. We know the small ones are great for a small space, but it isn’t worth the hassle. You iron needs to be a steam iron that has controls on the amount of steam it lets out. It should also be able to turn off steam when desired. Spend a bit more on your iron. It will be an invaluable tool for your sewing and fabrics.
  • Bright light – The more natural the better. You will need a good craft lamp at your sewing desk and a Magnifying Glass Lamp at your main working areas for finer details. An overall craft room floor lamp is important too, but natural sunlight is best for your eyes and best to see colours the way they are meant to be seen.Sewing KitOrganize your Patterns – We think this is such a cute and clever way to store your sewing patterns. This sewing project is free and you can even buy all the materials to make this in one handy kit.
  • The kit includes:
    – 1/2 metre of Dena Fishbein Kumari Garden Tarika Moss Fabric
    – 1/2 metre of Free Spirit, Designer Pinwheels Yale Blue Fabric
    – White sewing thread
    – Ribbon
    – Buttons
    – Medium fusible interlining
    – Full instructions




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