How To Make Your Own Cake Embosser

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make your own unique cake embosser to add a truly personal and professional finish to your cakes. Simply follow these step-by-step instructions…

Sometimes, it is just not possible to find the right embosser so why not use your flair and originality to make your very own design? To do this you will need a design, a piece of acrylic that has been washed and sterilized with boiling water, royal icing, a piping (pastry) bag and a fine piping tube (tip), e.g. PME no. 1.

Making Your Own Cake Embosser

1. Draw or adapt your design as necessary. Remember that you will be creating a reversed image, so if your design needs to be a particular way round, flip your original image at this stage. For this example, I photographed an embroidered tablecloth and resized the resulting image so that it sits attractively on the board. I also traced the design so the outlines of the shapes are clearer.

2. Place the acrylic over the design and secure it in place with tape or a few dots of royal icing. Place the piping tube (tip) in the piping (pastry) bag and half fill with fresh royal icing that has been paddled to a smooth consistency. Then pipe over the outline of the design.

3. Allow the icing to dry overnight in a warm, dry place. Once dry, position the embosser centrally over a freshly covered board or cake and press down firmly and evenly.

4. Remove the embosser to reveal the embossed pattern. In the cake shown to the left, I have piped coloured lines of royal icing over sections of the embossed pattern to recreate my embroidered tablecloth.

The Contemporary Cake Decorating BibleThis great cake embosser idea is from Lindy Smith’s The Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible. If you’re looking for more fantastic cake decorating tutorials, view our top picks in cake decorating books now!


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