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Native Americans believe that they provide help and protection at night, so what better animal to create for a lampshade! This clever cardboard owl by Claude Jeantet is sure to brighten up any room and it’s really easy to make too.

Cardboard Creatures cardboard owlYou Will Need:

Here’s how to make the cardboard owl…

1. Body: Cut out 32 sticks measuring 0.7 x 22cm (8¾ x ¼in) from 0.6 cardboard. Glue together in pairs (large groove against large groove), then glue around the rounded edges of the lamp shade frame, ensuring that the sticks are perpendicular to the support. Apply a polyphane sheet to the interior curve of the body.

Cardboard owl2. Wings: Draw and cut out two profiles (A) from flexible cardboard. Glue them to each side of the body.

3. Legs: Cut out six leg profiles (B) from 0.6 cardboard. Glue them in sets of three (see diagram), then glue to the bottom of the body.

4. Eyes: Make two spirals with 26 x 0.7cm (10½ x ¼in) strips of flexible cardboard. Glue the beads to the centre of the spirals. Glue the eyes to the top of the body.

5. Beak: Draw and cut out the beak profile (C) from 0.6 cardboard. Cover it with kraft micro, fold it slightly and glue it between the two eyes.

6. Crests: Cut out two 8 x 0.8cm (3¼ x ?in) rectangles from kraft micro. Divide them in two up to 4cm (1¾in), then slot them into place and glue above the eyes.

This project has been excerpted from Cardboard Creatures.

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