How to make Bunting

Hand-sewn bunting provides a great centrepiece for a birthday celebration, especially when decorated with pretty felt appliqué shapes. Follow our tutorial below and find out how to make bunting for any special celebration… 

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How to make Bunting

By Emily Rodger


You Will Need:



1. Cut out 26 triangles from the
pink printed cotton fabric measuring
18cm (7in) along the bottom and
20cm (8in) through the centre.

2. Use the appliqué templates
to cut a few decorative shapes from
pink felt. Pin the motifs onto the
right side of half of the triangles so
that the top of the appliqué shapes
are approximately 3.5cm (13?8in)
from the top edge of the triangles.

3. Sew the motifs in place using
decorative stitches, such as running
stitch or blanket stitch, with two
strands of pink embroidery thread.

4. Take an appliquéd triangle
and place on top of an undecorated
triangle, with right sides facing and
the raw edges aligned. Machine
stitch along the angled sides only,
then turn through to the right side.

5. Fold the bias binding in
half so that it is half its original
width. Pin the open tops of the
triangles in the fold of the binding,
starting about 18cm (7in) in
from one end and placing the
pennants next to each other.

6. Sew all the way along the
folded binding making sure that all
of the open pennant tops are sewn
in. Hang up the finished bunting.
Repeat to make 12 more pennants.

Ta Da! Once you have learnt the basics of how to  make bunting you can apply it to any celebration, including birthdays, weddings, christenings, anniversaries and more.

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