How To Make | 3D Paper Hearts

A set of pretty dimensional heart decorations, made in three different sizes, will make quite an impact at any romantic celebration.

By Sue Trevor

You Will NeedPaper Heart Project







1. Make card templates of
the three different heart shapes
required. For each decoration
three same-sized paper hearts
are used. From a pack of 24
sheets of paper you will be able
to make 19 decorations.

2. Use the large heart template
to cut large hearts from nine
sheets of paper. Cut eight sheets
of patterned paper in half and use
for cutting out 15 long, thin hearts.

3. Divide the remaining sheets of paper into quarters, and use to cut 30 small hearts. Place the cut out hearts together in matching groups of three. Machine stitch a line down the centre of each group of hearts.

4. Make a hole at the top and bottom of each heart using a large needle. Attach a jump ring through each hole. Tie and double knot a 12cm (4¾in) length of cotton cord to each jump ring.

5. Make a loop for hanging at the top cord. Thread a glass bead onto the bottom cord and tie with a double knot to secure. Your heart decorations are now ready to hang.


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