How To Long-Tail Cast On | Knitting Masterclass with Louise Walker

Long-tail cast on is the simplest way of casting on and it only uses one needle! To find out how to long-tail cast on, and as part of the Faux Taxidermy Knits blog hop, we turned to Louise Walker’s instructions from the book for guidance…

This method of casting on is really quick and clever, so it’s perfect for beginners. It’s very versatile and therefore a useful technique to learn if you love knitting. You’ll be ready to start your next project in no time! If you’d like to learn how to long-tail cast on, follow these simple instructions taken from Louise Walker’s new book, Faux Taxidermy Knits:

Long-tail cast on1. Make a slip knot some distance from the end of the yarn and place it on the needle. Hold the needle in your right hand. Pass the ball end of the yarn over the index finger, under the middle and then over the third finger. Holding the free end of yarn in your left hand, wrap it around your left thumb from front to back.

2. Insert the needle through the thumb loop from front to back.

3. Wrap the ball end over the needle.

4. Pull a new loop through the thumb loop by passing the thumb loop over the end of the needle. Remove your thumb and tighten the new loop on the needle by pulling the free end. Continue in this way until you have cast on the required number of stitches.

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