How To Knit Socks Free eBook

Knit 3 stylish pairs of socks with variations on one simple pattern


Knitting socks can look really hard. When you look at all the various patterns you can use and getting the heel right, it can feel like a project you won’t want to tackle. But with this FREE eBook knitting socks has never been easier.

We have three different styles of socks that you can knit from just one pattern. Slipper socks, ankle socks and long socks, all your sock needs for the year are right here!

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What do you get in the book?

how-to-knit-socks-long-socksIn the FREE eBook you will get three details patterns for the following style of socks:

  • Slipper Socks
  • Ankle Socks
  • Long Socks

You’ll also get some handy instructions on different stitches for seamlessly joining two pieces of knitting and creating a snowflake motif on your socks.

As this FREE eBook caters to both beginners and avid knitters, we have also included a handy explanation of abbreviations, to make sure you can fully read the chart.

Knit socks for yourself, friends, family, even you next door neighbour! Once you have one pattern complete, the others are just variations. You’ll be able to knit them with your eyes closed in no time.

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how-to-knit-socks-slipper-socksWould you like to customise your socks?

The FREE eBook gives you top tips and tricks for each sock pattern. Don’t just stick to the colours in the book either, make them special and knit in your own colour or the recipients favourite colour. The choices are endless!


Send us pictures of your knitted socks. We’d love to see them. Comment below or tag us on social media using #SewandSo