How To Get Your Partner To Buy You A Sewing Machine

Have you thought about Christmas yet? We all know that what you really want is a shiny new sewing machine – and our tips will ensure that you’ll find one in your stocking this year! With this guide, you’ll learn 25 clever ways to get your partner to buy you a sewing machine…

How to get your partner to buy you a sewing machineHere are our 25 sneaky ways to get your partner to buy you a sewing machine:

  1. Tell their mum
  2. Tell their best mate
  3. Leave the Stitch Craft Create catalogue lying around, open on the sewing machines page
  4. Withhold physical affection until they promise to buy you one
  5. Moan about your old machine – a lot
  6. Ask your friends and family to drop subtle hints
  7. Watch endless re-runs of The Great British Sewing Bee and sigh loudly every time a machine comes on screen
  8. Leave their laptop or iPad open on our sewing machines page
  9. Fill their browsing history with sewing machine product pages
  10. How to get your partner to buy you a sewing machineChange their homepage to our sewing machines page
  11. Email them the link to your chosen sewing machine (using the ‘Email a friend’ function on the product page on our site)
  12. Download our free sewing machine buyer’s guide on their laptop
  13. Talk about how all of your friends have better sewing machines than you
  14. Be seen taking photos of your old machine in readiness for eBay
  15. Tell them how much easier your life would be if you had a new machine
  16. Do number 15 after sex
  17. Ask them what they want for Christmas
  18. Change your laptop or iPad screen wallpaper to an image of the sewing machine you really want
  19. Post a link to your chosen sewing machine on Facebook with a sighing sentiment
  20. How to get your partner to buy you a sewing machineExplain how much you’d love to be sewing while they’re involved with their favourite hobby
  21. Make them feel needed – seek their advice on technical specifications of machines (motor power, etc)
  22. Offer to make nice things for them when you get your new machine
  23. Read about the top 5 Janome sewing machines and then tell them everything you’ve learned about each model
  24. Write a wish list and leave it lying around
  25. Just tell them that you’d like a sewing machine for Christmas!


What secret methods will you use to get your partner to buy you a sewing machine? Which machine are you hoping to receive this Christmas? Leave a comment below or share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Now go and check out our full range of sewing machines, choose your favourite and get started on the list. Good luck!

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