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Learning a new craft can always be a bit daunting, but it’s so quick and easy to get started with crochet that there’s no excuse! You need very little equipment, it can cleverly squeeze in to those precious free moments of your day and it’s really rewarding to see your projects taking shape quickly.

how to crochetCrochet is such a versatile craft; you can create so many different projects from simple scarves to cute and cuddly amigurumi animals. Understanding the techniques can take a little time but once you’ve mastered the basics it all becomes clear.

When I learnt to crochet I was amazed by how simple it was! I’d been putting it off for a while, as I was sure I’d find it too confusing, but after picking up a few basic stitches I was hooked! Anna, a work colleague (who also happens to be a passionate crocheter), helped out by teaching me how to crochet in my lunch breaks. I chatted to Anna about how she got started with crochet and her recommendations for first projects. Having fully caught the crochet ‘bug’, I’m currently busy making granny squares for a blanket, a chunky cowl for a friend, and a pretty scarf that I hope to have finished by the winter.

How to crochetI used the How to Crochet eBook alongside Anna’s teaching sessions to pick up my crochet skills. The book covers all of the basic stitches and techniques, including how to follow a pattern, joining pieces of crochet and changing yarn colour. It can seem overwhelming at first when learning how to crochet as a beginner — which size hook to use, which yarn to choose, and even how to hold the hook — but the How to Crochet eBook explains everything you need to know. It even has two inspiring beginner crochet projects: a bold motif shrug made with colourful granny squares and a delicate scarf that can be adapted by changing the type of yarn used. I’ve started to make the scarf with Sirdar Baby Bamboo in Groovy Green, and I love the yarn as it’s so glossy!

When learning the basic stitches, it is worth noting that there is a difference between UK and US crochet terms. The eBook uses UK crochet terms but many free crochet patterns online use US terms. Here is a handy conversion chart so that you will be able to work from both UK and US crochet patterns:

How to Crochet

chain (ch) chain (ch)
double crochet (dc) single crochet (sc)
treble (tr) double crochet (dc)
half treble (htr) half double treble (hdc)
double treble (dtr) triple crochet (trc)
slip stitch (slst) slip stitch (slst)

If you’re thinking about learning to crochet, download a copy of the How to Crochet eBook today and find out just how simple it is for yourself! Then pick up a crochet hook and some yarn to get started.

Have you recently learnt to crochet? Tell me about the crochet projects that you’re working on and share a picture of your creations on our Facebook page!

What will you create today?

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