How to Create Beautiful Works of Art With Diamond Dotz

Diamond Dotz is the new craft that has taken the craft community by storm. Also known as 5D Diamond Painting, it uses resin facets to create beautiful works of arts that sparkle.

Diamond Painting is a really simple craft to do. Here, I will talk you through what you will receive in each kit, top tips for keeping all your ‘diamonds’ safe and the best way to work through the design.

Parrots diamond painting kit

The kit

In your kit, you will get everything you need to complete your Diamond Painting. The picture is printed onto a high-quality polyester canvas. On the side of the canvas is a chart, much like a cross stitch chart which will have a number and a symbol which will correspond to a colour on your image. It’s like painting with numbers. It’s fantastic.

Your kit will also include all the coloured facets you need to complete your kit. You will receive around 20% more facets than you need, just in case you have an accident and spill them on the floor or loose some etc. (Top Tip: If your facets don’t come in a resealable bag, purchase some and put your facts those. Then write the colour number in permanent marker on the front of the bag. This ensures you won’t lose any of the facts when you are packing it away in between sessions)

A really great feature of these kits is that in every kit you will receive a stylus, facet tray and wax pot. So you don’t need to buy the accessories separately. The stylus is a pen-like object, which has a whole in the end which is perfect for gripping the top of the facets. The wax is used to help the stylus grip the facets.

Working the kit

The whole chart is covered with a clear plastic cover. This is because the kit is covered in an adhesive which the facets stick to. Work this kit from bottom to top. Peel a small section of the cover up and hold it down with the hand you are not holding the stylus with so you aren’t touching the adhesive.

Pour a few facets into your tray so they are curved side up, then twist the end of the stylus into the wax pot. Simply put the end of the stylus over the facet so it picks it up and then place the facet on the corresponding symbol on the image. You do not have to press hard on the facets, the stylus will pick it up and drop it easily when pressed. You will not have to twist the stylus in the wax pot in between placing each facet. The wax will last a while before you will need to do that again.

Diamond Dotz

When you place the facet down onto the image you won’t be able to move it again. However, there is a bit of wiggle room if you place it slightly off centre.

The owners of Diamond Dotz say you can complete an area the size of the palm of your hand in around an hour. So you can create one of the larger kits in no time at all making this craft accessible to everyone.

Diamond Dotz

Once you have completed a section and are wanting to put the kit away for the day, cover the image with the sheet so that dust and fibres don’t stick the adhesive and make the chart unusable.

I hadn’t done a Diamond painting kit before and it took me just 45 minutes to complete the Four Leaf Clover Kit. It felt like I had completed it in about 15 minutes, it was very calming, easy to understand and enjoyable. Watch my attempt at Diamond Dotz below.

We have new Diamond Dotz kits in store now. From beginner kits to advanced kits there is something for everyone. Have you completed a Diamond Dotz kit? We’d love to know what you thought, let us know by commenting below or tagging us on social using #SewandSo

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