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Whether you’re new to sewing and daunted by the huge choice of fabrics available, or you simply can’t decide which colour and pattern would best suit your next project, here’s some great advice for how to choose fabrics…

Choosing fabrics can be one of the most difficult parts of starting a new project, especially if you’re new to sewing. There are so many colours and patterns to browse, and combining different fabrics successfully can be challenging. But thankfully there are a few ways to aid the decision-making process and make it that bit easier to select the perfect fabric for all of your sewing projects.

Match your style

The best place to start when choosing fabrics is to decide on the style you’d like to achieve. If the project is for you, which colours do you prefer? Or if you’re sewing for someone else, which style suits them best?

There are a few main styles to choose from. The images below (taken from, How To Choose Fabrics) show a few examples of how fabrics, embellishments and trims combine to create different styles. You can opt for feminine, floral fabrics with a natural colour scheme or choose bold patterns in primary colours to create a graphic or retro look.

How To Choose FabricsHow To Choose FabricsHow To Choose Fabrics

Match your surroundings

For home decor sewing projects, you should also consider the location where they will be used or displayed. What colour are the walls and what style is the furniture? If you’re making a number of items for the same room, there are lots of things to consider. Here are a few top tips taken from, How To Choose Fabrics:

  • Always choose one fabric that will be the dominant note.
  • Fabrics that are combined together must either have a similar colour, style of pattern or motifs, or be the same type of fabric.
  • Ensure that you use the correct type of fabric recommended for your project.
  • Pick up on the motifs or patterns in your fabrics and enlarge them to make applique shapes, or embroider their outlines.
  • Don’t repeat the same fabric twice in the same room, except for adding small accents.
  • Bias tape or binding is great for an additional touch of colour.

How To Choose Fabrics How To Choose Fabrics How To Choose Fabrics

More advice on choosing fabrics

For more advice and inspiration, we recommend new book, How To Choose Fabrics, which features 350 fabric swatches and combinations to inspire your sewing projects. The book also includes over 20 simple sewing projects and ideas, as well as some cross stitch charts and embroidery motifs to embellish your designs. Jen and Cyn take a look inside the book in our video:

How To Choose FabricsOrder your copy of, How To Choose Fabrics now for more guidance, project ideas and 350 fabric swatches to inspire your sewing projects. And if you’re looking for the perfect fabric to suit your next sewing project, don’t miss our fantastic range of fabrics!

How do you choose fabrics for your sewing projects? Do you have any tips or advice on choosing the best colours and patterns? Comment below to tell us more or share your thoughts with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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