Hot Water Bottle Cover Felt Sewing Project

Such a snuggly way to keep warm at night. Make this fun felt sewing project using different colour felts. Add some pretty embellishments to make this a wonderful get well soon gift. Every hot water bottle needs one of these glorious felt covers.

by Ellen Kharade


You Will Need

felt sewing

1. Trace and transfer the hot water bottle cover patterns to the turquoise wool felt fabric and cut out

2. Using the template cut out a star from the lime green wool felt fabric. Cut a 6cm (23?8in) diameter circle from turquoise wool felt.

3. Pin the star to the centre of the cover front and machine stitch around the motif using a zigzag stitch. Pin the turquoise circle to the star and machine stitch into place using a straight stitch in a spiral pattern.
4. Sew seed beads over the circle motif and sequins to the points of the star.

5. Cut out a 4.5cm (15?8in) diameter circle from the white wool felt and a 2.5cm (1in) diameter circle from the turquoise wool felt. Pin into place below the star and machine stitch around the outside of the white circle using a zigzag stitch.

6. Change to a straight stitch and machine stitch around the turquoise circle in a spiral pattern. Repeat to make a second circle motif and stitch in place above the star motif.

7. To make the envelope back, fold over and pin a 1cm (3?8in) hem along the straight edges of the two back pieces. With right sides facing, pin the back pieces to the cover front with the hemmed edges overlapping at the centre. Machine stitch together around the edges. Turn the hot water bottle cover the right side out and press.

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