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Satsuma Street have designed the most stunning star sign charts. And we are dying to show you what they look like. Buy your Zodiac Sign today and get stitching!

Here at SewandSo, we thought you would like something bright, detailed and fun to stitch. So we found the perfect project for you to start. Satsuma Street have released beautiful star sign charts which are perfect for gifts, keepsakes and as additional house accessory.

1. Aquarius 

Truthful and imaginative, those born under the sign of Aquarius are true originals! On the 15th May you may struggle to perfect your cross stitch project but that’s ok!  Stop pouring all of your energy into a project that might not be going your way and look at something different right here.  The full moon on the 29th May will lead you too success on a project – good luck!

2. Pisces 

Intuitive, romantic, and dreamy…this fish is never cold! On the 6th May you will get recognition for your talent – make sure you share your project and hashtag #SewandSoSunday. You’re going on a glamorous trip on the 25th May, make the most of it!  The full moon on the 29th May will be an exciting turning point in your stitching career – get ready for your closeup!

3. Aries 

Always full of energy and passion, the sign of the ram is one bold character! On the 11th May could create an exciting opportunity for your stitching career. Seize this opportunity and upload a photo on your social media with #SewandSoSunday for the chance of being reposted and your project being shown to the world. You always make a great impression to other stitchers and they will follow your path. Working with a group of creative people will raise your profile,  there is a full moon on 29th May and joining  the SewandSo SAL Facebook group could be the perfect way to raise your profile.

4. Taurus 

Nothing makes a stubborn bull happier than being adored, so pamper your yourself! Keep a firm grip on the needle on that piece you’ve been working hard on. There will be a chance for you to acquire some valuable skills on the 11th May – perfecting that back stitch maybe? You’ll be able to showcase your talent on the 15th May so make sure you show off your favourite project!

5. Gemini 

With this twin sign you never know which side of their personality you’ll face… Enter the next Winning Wednesday competition, there is a possibility to win a little treat that appeals to both halves! Don’t hesitate to ask for some advice, feel free to message us with any questions you have.

6. Cancer

The sweet and sensitive crab is so intuitive, you might already know if someone is planning to make this gift for you! Be prepared to tidy up that project and add those finishing touches. Someone may comment on your project at home – be proud of it! 29th May will find you wrapping up that project allowing you to move onto the next one. This is a chance to start a new craft!

7. Leo 

The regal and passionate Leo is pretty hard to resist, so go ahead and spoil  yourself with a hand-stitched gift! Don’t promise more than you can deliver on 8th May, if you can’t finish a project on time that’s fine – slow and steady wins the race. On the 29th May, the full moon will shine light onto your incredible creative abilities, don’t be surprised if you win an award.

8. Virgo 

Smart, sophisticated and kind – as a virgo you will love this cross stitch depiction of your sign. An unexpected bonus project will arrive on the 13th May, this will allow you to upgrade your accessories!  Making friends on SewandSo SAL page will allow you to go that extra mile with your stitching.

9. Libra 

The peaceful and fair sign of the scales, the Libra in your life is sure to appreciate it this lovely project! If you’re looking for a project to start but have no time, schedule the 19th May a day to sit back and get crafty! Celebrate your harmonising and fair sign of the scales, your appreciation of within this lovely project.

10. Scorpio

The most intense sign of the zodiac with plenty of energy, be aware that you may be taking on too much stitching on the 11th May – you could get finger cramp! Enjoy one project at a time – you’ll thank me later. On the 20th May, you may get an itch to start a new craft or stitch something different – Quilting or a Bothy Kit, the moon urges you to choose.

11. Sagittarius  

Open-minded and honest and not afraid of stepping away from the pack, don’t resist the temptation of giving up on that project – it will pay off in the long run. 15th May will give you a steady day of crafting. If you’re thinking of putting your stitching skills into a business maybe consider embroidery on clothing, who knows you will end up?

12. Capricorn

Responsible, dependable and hardworking – you’ll have no problem with finishing your stitching project if you set your mind to it! Treat yourself on the 11th May as an exciting Freebie Friday is coming your way. All you need to do is look out for a Freebie Friday post on Facebook.

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