Homemade Christmas Decorations | Doily Angels

Christmas is the perfect time to engage in some crafting with the kids and homemade Christmas decorations are the perfect place to start. Adding a unique and personal touch to your festive celebrations, there is so much you can craft as a family, including handmade Christmas angels and baubles.

With that in mind, why not give your Christmas a unique and personal touch and craft some cute homemade Christmas decorations in the form of cute doily angels, excerpted from Kid’s Make Christmas.

Homemade Christmas Decorations

You Will Need

• 3 wooden skittle figurines, 7cm (2¾in) high

• 3 doilys

• Scraps of patterned photo paper

• Acrylic paint in red, magenta, skin colour, brown, yellow and black

• 3 ring bolts, 8 × 3mm (³/? × ¹/?in)

• Satin ribbon in yellow, light green and light blue,  7mm (¼in) wide

• Chequered decorative ribbon in yellow, green and blue, 5mm (¼in) wide, 20cm (8in) long

• Chestnut drill, 2mm (¹/??in) in diameter

• All-purpose glue

• Glue stick

• Templates (see below)

Homemade Christmas Decorations

How to Make Doily Angels

1. First paint the head of the wooden skittle in skin colour, and leave to dry thoroughly. Then you can paint on the hair, eyes, mouth and rosy cheeks with a thin paintbrush.

2. Cut a dress out of the doily using the template (see template above). Apply all-purpose glue to the body, wrap the doily once around the body and stick it together at the back.

3. Tie the satin ribbon into small bows, shorten them to the desired length and press or iron them nice and flat. Now you can stick them to the neck.

4. Cut wings out of photo paper using the template above and stick them to the angel’s back with all-purpose glue.

5. Now use the chestnut drill to drill a hole at the centre of the top of the head. Screw the ring bolt into the hole. Cut a piece of decorative ribbon to the right size, thread it through the ring bolt and tie it in a knot. Now your angel is ready to hang…

Homemade Christmas DecorationsWe hope you have fun crafting these lovely little angels! You can find plenty more unique Christmas projects inside, Kids Make Christmas, including Homemade Christmas decorations, games and pretty gifts!

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