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Stitching with a sewing machine is an incredibly easy way to creates a unique homemade Christmas card. A simple zigzag stitch in a bright sewing thread makes a bold statement and adds textural interest, while holding layers of card together. Here strips of red card are machine stitched onto white linen-effect card to create a stylish and contemporary Christmas tree design.

If making several cards at the same time, why not vary the design slightly by changing the colour of the card or threads. A green or silvery white colour theme would work equally well here. From Make Me I’m Yours Christmas.


You Will Need:

13 x 10cm (5 x 4in) red card

11.5 x 11.5cm (4½ x 4½in) white linen-effect card

13 x 13cm (5 x 5in) red single-fold card

sewing machine

white sewing thread

sewing needle

star punch



1 Using a metal ruler, craft knife and cutting mat, cut strips from the red card 1cm (3? 8in) wide and 13cm (5in) long.

2 Cut the strips into five lengths of 9.5cm, 8cm, 6cm, 4cm and 2.5cm (3¾in, 31? 8in, 23? 8in, 1½in and 1in) and use a glue stick to attach each piece to the white card square.

3 Machine sew a zigzag stitch along the centre of the longest strip.  Remove from the machine and trim either end of the thread to 10cm (4in). Repeat with the remaining strips.

4 Thread each loose end onto the needle. Take through to the reverse side of the card, pulling the thread all the way through and remove from the needle.

5 Turn the card over and place two lengths of adhesive tape over the thread ends to make sure they don’t unravel and trim the excess.


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