Hanging Heart Sewing Patterns

by Jenny Arnott

These sweet fabric hearts, filled with scented lavender, would make lovely fragrant wedding favours or gifts for the bridal party. Heart sewing patterns are so very pretty and very fun to make!

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1. For each heart, cut two fabric heart shapes from floral fabric.

2. Cut a length of ribbon 13cm (5in) long and fold in half. Sandwich the ribbon with loop facing down between the front and back heart pieces (right sides together) at the top edge. Machine stitch all around the heart with a 5mm (3?16in) seam allowance, leaving a 4cm (1½in) gap open along one side. Clip the curves, then turn the heart right side out.

3. Press well before filling the the heart with scented lavender. Sew the opening closed with neat hand stitches and matching thread. Add a decorative button at the base of the ribbon to finish.

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