Have Your Cake and Knit (Or Crochet) it Too!


By now, you have all probably heard the hype from across the pond in the US surrounding Caron Cakes. If you haven’t, I’m going to tell you all about it!

Caron Cakes are variegated balls of yarn that are pre-wound into yarn cakes. They were initially made to celebrate Carons 100th birthday. It was meant to be a three-month programme sold exclusively to Michaels in the US but people went CRAZY for it. Within three weeks they and almost completely sold out in stores and I believe it sold out online within 24 hours, which is mental. Because Caron and Michaels customer service were so overrun with requests they had to work together to have more made and they then contracted cargo planes to get the yarn to stores quicker because demand was so high! WOW!

Let’s have a look at the knitting and crochet eye candy.

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Look at that colourful yarny goodness! There are five colours inside each cake, some of them are shades of one colour others are more of a rainbow of colour, but they are all gorgeous.  They have names such as Rainbow Sprinkles, Funfetti, Lilac Frosting! Yum. Although this yarn is variegated, it is a long changing variegated yarn so you will get larger blocks of colour. You can see an example of this from looking at the free patterns below.

So how does this yarn differ from its competitors? Well, it is 80% acrylic and 20% wool, which means it isn’t scratchy. Who wants a scratchy shawl… no one! I have even heard it be described as containing ‘50% fluffy puffs of air’ because it is so soft. It’s hard to tell from the photos too, but these cakes are really big. They are 200g and almost as big as your face. So there is a lot of yarn in there.

Another important thing to note is that the Caron Cakes have a centre start. So you can just sit your cake on the side and you don’t have to worry about it spinning and going all over the place.

https://www.sewandso.co.uk/product/caron-cakes-cookies-n-cream-yarn/510442 Caron Cakes Caron Cakes

On the inside label of each Caron Cake is a free pattern. It will tell you how many balls it takes to make that pattern and the size needles/hook you’ll need. You can also purchase kits, which contains the pattern instructions as the balls of yarn you need.

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This yarn is so much fun. I am currently making a virus blanket with the Rainbow Sprinkles cake and loving it! The colours are so bright and vibrant, the yarn feels nice and what I really like about it is that you can see where splashes of dye have gone onto other colours in the ball. To me, this ties all the colours together. I’ll add a picture of it once I am done.

You Can get your Caron Cakes in store now. There are so many great colours to choose from, the only question really, is which one do you start with?! Send us pictures of your Caron Cake makes by commenting below or tagging us on social using #SewandSo. Caron Cakes also have their own hashtag for project inspiration which is #CaronCakes



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