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Arne and Carlos are a highly talented Scandinavian duo who are best known for their craft books and their exquisite designs which draw inspiration from their scandi heritage.

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Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison started as knitting designers for the fashion industry whilst knitting at home as their hobby. One day they decided they didn’t want to knit for the fashion industry anymore and instead focus on creating books. They said that at that point they ‘lost their hobby and it became their work’. We are glad they did so, as we love their brand and everything they create!

Not only does this dynamic duo knit, they also crochet and Carlos dabbles in macrame. So their talents cover all manner of fibre crafts. Generations of Arne’s family taught him to knit while Carlos learnt to knit in school. However, he grew up in South America, as a result, his knitting technique is quite different to Arne’s.

Arne and Carlos sock yarn

Arne and Carlos have released many books including Easter Knits, Arne and Carlos’s Crochet and Knit Garden and Knitted Dolls. Every book they make is filled with personality and incorporates inspiration from their Norwegian surroundings, from the flowers in bloom in the summer to that fair isle style that is so well known in the Nordic countries.

You can find Christmas baubles to knitted birds in their designs. Whatever they produce is the best quality and in a style, that’s instantly recognisable. Their idyllic home 170 kilometres north of Oslo provides a great source of inspiration to the pair, and this style flows from book to book and pattern to pattern.

A product they have become well known for is their Arne and Carlos sock yarn.  They have collaborated with Regia to create a 4 ply sock yarn available in six fabulous, Scandinavian-influenced colourways that produce a stunning self-patterned design. You can now get your hands on 21 different colour combinations of this yarn. What is great is that you can create a pair of socks with just two 50g balls of yarn. The colours of the yarn create that beautiful scandi style that’s so popular in knitting and in winter fashion.

How to knit the easiest sock in the world

Over on their Youtube channel, they have a whole host of videos, set in their beautiful garden. In some of these videos they feature the Arne and Carlos sock yarn in tutorials that show you ‘How to make the easiest sock in the world’ and ‘How to knit the heel of the easiest sock in the world’. You will be able to have a gorgeous pair of scandi-style knitted socks with just 2 balls of yarn.

Below is a Q&A that Arne and Carlos did with the German yarn company Schachenmayr where they talk about everything from where to start when knitting your Christmas baubles to when they drink red wine.

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