Sew In Love | Hanging Heart Sewing Project

Loop these lavender-filled hearts over your hangers and let the aroma fill your wardrobe. Or stuff the hearts with wadding (batting) and add a few drops of perfume instead.  Hanging heart sewing project from Fast Fabric Gifts by Sally Southern.


Pink cotton fabrics –  oral, gingham, checked, 15 x 25cm (6 x 10in) each approx

Buttons 3 x medium sized pink, 3 x tiny lime green

Embroidery thread – hot pink

Pink ribbon – 40cm (15½in) per heart

Dried lavender or small scented  flowers to  fill

Basic kit

Finished size 10 x 8cm (4 x 3in) approx

hanging heart sewing project

To Make Your Hearts:

1. Draw and cut out two hearts the same size from different pieces of fabric. Trace the inner heart shape on to Bondaweb and iron on to the back of a third fabric. Cut out and iron to the centre of a larger heart.

2. Sew around the inner heart in pink running stitch and stitch a pink button to the centre. Pin the right sides of the front and back panels of the heart together and machine stitch, leaving a gap to allow for filling.

3. Turn through and press flat. Fill with dried lavender or whatever is desired and carefully sew up the gap. Make a loop with the ribbon and sew on to the front of the heart at the top, covering the stitches with a tiny green button.

Little Tip

When turning the heart through to the right side, use a point like a pencil to push the bottom of the heart out fully.

If you love small sewing projects that make perfect gifts for someone special. You will love this book.

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