Halloween Embroidery Instagram Finds For Stitchtober

Collage of Halloween Embroidery Finds on Instagram including blackwork magpie, embroidered shadow box and jack o' lanterns
Top Row, Left-Right: @marusia790 @stinamacdo and @craftychloeuk Bottom Row, Left-Right: @yourgothicgranny and @remnant.black

Our regular dose of Instagram inspiration takes a more sinister approach this month to ready our project bags for Halloween embroidery and Stitchtober…brace yourselves, it’s gonna get spooky!

Negotiating Instagram can be tricky especially when it comes to finding frightful hashtags to add to your Halloween embroidery posts and inspirational folks to connect with. So, we asked Shannan from Bobbin and Fred to hunt through the most ghoulish of grids to bring you a selection of Instagram’s best supernatural handsewn masterpieces this Stitchtober.

Shannan has feasted her eyes upon as many blood-curdling Halloween embroidery artworks as she could find to bring you a carefully curated hell broth of creepy floss-filled photos, each chosen to haunt your craftsy souls and make your embroidered hearts bleed this October. As well as all of that, she’s added­ in her favourite from the images posted under our hashtag. Tag your photos with #SewandSo for a chance to be featured next time!

Over to Shannan.

Happy Halloween, Stitchers!

This month I hopped on a broomstick in the dead of the night to hunt all things creepy, crawly and oh so spooky on Instagram. The hashtag Stitchtober is particularly fun, with the community coming together to stitch spooky Halloween embroidery motifs for the whole month of October. This eerie selection of fang-tastic finds not only celebrates Halloween but also, the more Gothic styles of stitching out there that look boo-tiful all year round.

1. Minne of Atelier Vegvisir mostly stitches ethereal landscapes in miniature with her own supernatural power, thread painting, however she also thread painted this chilling skull. The details and subtle colours Minne’s captured here are out of this world. The artistry is breathtaking and Minne turned her morbid design into a brooch, the perfect way to accessorise this season!

2. I screamed (with delight) when I discovered Remnant Black. Who better to feature in this month’s Halloween embroidery theme than a self-confessed admirer of the macabre who specialises in darkly stitched delights? This witch’s shrine decorated with a dissected bird pin cushion and wall hanging is both disturbing and awe-inspiring, and it doesn’t stop there, check out their grid for severed fingers, well dressed taxidermy mice and much more!

3. The colours Marusia has used in this cackling pair of Jack-o’-lanterns caught my eye. A Halloween tree is a wicked idea and these two look wonderfully disturbing hanging from one! Marusia stitched her designs onto perforated paper to turn them into tree decorations. If you’d like to do the same with your cross stitches, we have a fab selection here.

4. Crafty Chloe UK has cooked up the most innovative embroidered potion this month with this incredible hand stitched shadowbox! Chloé‘s mysterious moonlit graveyard scene looks so good, I can almost hear the flap of bats wings, feel the fog creeping in and the chill running down my spine as things go bump in the night. Sadly this one’s already been snapped up, but keep your eyes peeled as Chloé may be able to make another one in time for the big night!


5. Treat or treat? Magpies symbolise both good fortune and deception, they nab shiny treats and cause mischief, so I couldn’t resist including this stunning blackwork design by Stina Macdo. Stina’s use of light and dark and stitched and unstitched areas in the design really make this piece stand out and the goldwork pendant in its beak balances the composition beautifully. This fantastic piece has intrigued me to investigate blackwork further…if you’re curious too we’ve teamed up with the Royal School of Needlework to bring you an online course, Introducion to Blackwork.

6. Go batty for Stitchtober this month with this wonderful pair of bat portraits embroidered by Rachel Dreimiller aka. Your Gothic Granny. It’s impossible not to smile at the personality in these portraits and enjoy how Rachel’s added texture by using beads for the dress. Rachel also uses beads to great effect in her other artworks including this anatomical portrait of a lady to illustrate internal organs, the way they glisten in the light makes them appear wonderfully gruesome.

7. I really enjoy seeing samplers and this Halloween embroidery design by Lila’s Studio is no exception, it straddles the Gothic and quaint effortlessly and there’s so many unearthly details, I see something new each time I look. Jean stitched this and turned it into a cushion – such a cool way to finish a piece of needlework. If you’d like to turn your next masterpiece into a decorative pillow you can, we have a great range of cushion backs which makes the finishing process a whole lot easier.

8. Welcome in and wish your lovable ghouls a Happy Halloween with this great embroidery hoop designed by Kaelynn of Winston & Winsor. This hand embroidered motif looks a lot of fun to stitch and is a cute but freaky way to decorate for a party so you can eat, drink and be scary together.


9. Every month I share my favourite photo by you tagged with #SewandSo. This month Dr Jerome’s denim jacket complete with embroidered patch wins the spot. Remember, no matter how afraid you might be, you will make it out of this alive!

Use #SewandSo as well as #Stitchtober this month to show us your stitchy Instagram photos. We love celebrating your creativity!

Whether you’re making a kit, taking part in a sew along or crafting your own design, tag your photo with #SewandSo to be featured here. Don’t forget to follow Sew and So and Shannan on Instagram to stay up to date with all our sewing news.

If you’ve enjoyed this month’s finds you’ll love Indian Embroidery Instagram Inspiration for August and South American Embroidery, September Instagram Inspiration. If you’re bang up to date, Shannan will be back with more Instagram inspiration in November!

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