Granny Square Patch Cushion Project

Combine your crochet and sewing skills with this granny square patch cushion by Kirsty Neale. You don’t have to pick the same colours listed here, mix it up and choose colours that match your fabrics.


You Will Need:Granny Square Patch Cushion



1. To make the cushion front, sew two of the fabric squares together along one edge; repeat for the other two fabric squares. Press the seams flat. Lining up the centre joins, stitch the two pairs together to make a four-square patch.

2. Crochet a green and cream granny square measuring approximately 15cm (6in).

3. Pin the crochet square to the middle of the fabric patch and sew in place. Add lines of running stitch between the corners of the crochet and the fabric.

4. To make an envelope back, first fold over and stitch a narrow double hem down one long edge of each cushion back piece.

5. With right sides facing, pin the hemmed rectangles to the cushion front with the hemmed edges overlapping in the centre. Stitch around all four sides of the square.

6. Trim the excess fabric across the cushion corners, remove the pins, and turn the right way out. Press all seams for a neat finish, and insert a cushion pad to fit.


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