How to Make | Granny Square Baby Blanket

This easy granny square baby blanket would make a lovely gift for a new arrival. Small enough to fit perfectly in a buggy, this blanket is handy to have on the go, and is sure to become a treasured heirloom for your little one.

Baby Buggy Chunky RugYou Will Need:

Here’s how to make the granny square baby blanket…

1. You will need 12 granny squares made from three contrasting yarn colours. You can make your squares using any granny square pattern to achieve different finishes. Make four of each colour, each measuring approximately 25cm x 25cm (10in x 10in).

2. When all 12 granny squares are complete, lay them out to form an attractive pattern in rows of three squares across by four squares down.

3. Using safety pins, pin together the granny squares from the front.

4. Using dc stitch throughout, crochet the squares together to form strips, then crochet the strips together to form the rug. Finish off your blanket by crocheting around the outer edge, working 3sts into the corners.

This project has been excerpted from 101 Easy to Make Craft Projects.

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