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Childhood memories playing in Grandma’s garden is something almost everyone can relate to. Beautifully lined flower beds and perfectly cut grass evoke fond memories of cherished time spent with family.

Grandma's Garden on Light BlueLewis and Irene have bought those memories to life with a gorgeous new collection aptly named Grandma’s Garden. It is inspired by their Grandma, Irene’s garden. “Blissful childhood memories playing on freshly cut grass and of trees and flowers that would look much smaller now …”

Sunflowers, tulips, poppies and many other flowers surround garden gnomes and a wishing well creating a lush, wild garden scene. Sat among the flowers is a happy looking cat, which I imagine belonged to Irene.

They have included all the things they remember in Irene’s garden when they were a child … with the exception of all the granny-pop-out-of-bed (bindweed), which they have said will feature in a later collection.

The longer you look at this fabric the more you see. Such as butterflies fluttering around and a little robin perched on top of a sunflower. Your eyes are diverted every which way fully immersing you in the scene they have created.

This fabric comes in the usual three colour ways. Light Blue, Natural and Dark Grey. Each colour feels like a different time of day, Morning,  mid-day and night.

Bird Houses on LilacGarden Gnomes on Pale BluePink Buddleia

The Bird houses on lilac fabric is so beautiful and fresh. This fabric also comes in pink and cream. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE garden gnomes, there is something so funny about them. So naturally, I was drawn to the Garden Gnomes fabric. The pink fabric above is covered in Buddleia, also known as the Butterfly Bush. The fabric cleverly uses two shades of pink to create depth and features butterflies and bees flying around them. Buddleias are the perfect flower for bees. The poppies on pink, below, creates a falling poppy look. This effect is quite appealing.

Poppies on pink

What can you make with Grandma’s Garden?


Lewis and Irene provide projects to make with each fabric range. For Grandma’s Garden, they have created a pretty Dutchman’s Puzzle block cushion. They have made this using Bird houses on lilac and Garden Gnomes on cream. You can get the pattern here

You couldn’t have a range called Grandma’s Garden without having a project for a gardening bag! The pattern uses the same fabric at the cushion, however, if you wanted to use different fabrics, then feel free to mix it up! This bag is ideal for putting all your gardening needs in it, such as gloves, seeds, trowel, secateurs and more. You can download the pattern for it here.

Grandmas Garden Styled

Lewis and Irene have also created a quilt in three different colourways that are so charming. You can just imagine being sat outside having a picnic while sat on them or wrapping them around you on a cool evening.  Each colourway creates a different spring feel. Which is your favourite? Download the pattern here and choose which colour to create it in.

Grandma's Garden Quilt

You can order Grandma’s Garden in store now. Download your free patterns from Lewis and Irene here and find many more free patterns on the blog.



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