Gorgeous Free Embroidery Patterns from the Stitchsmith

EmbroideryContemporary needle craft designer, the Stitchsmith brings fresh new designs for needlepoint cushion kits, cross stitch, embroidery kits and patterns. Having left the corporate world for a craft filled adventure, she noticed that there was a sincere lack of contemporary designs in New Zealand and so began designing inspiring embroidery to cater to the masses. We take a look at some of her gorgeous free patterns below…

Inspired by the native wildlife of New Zealand, rich scenery and vivid colours; many of the Stitchsmith’s embroidery designs feature the local flora and fauna found in her garden as well as the stunning birds and wildlife found in the local forests. Just click on the images below and follow the link to download the free patterns. Once downloaded, you will receive an outline of the shape for tracing onto a piece of fabric, then you can use your imagination to try out your own stitches, threads and colour choices!

Crested Bird

Crested Bird

Folk Art Bird

Folk Art

Crewel Flowers

Happy Flowers

Our Favourite Free Patterns…

Multicoloured Elephant

Embroidery Pattern

Stripy Zebra

Embroidery Pattern

Night Owl

Owl Pattern

We hope you have fun stitching these gorgeous embroidery patterns. You can browse Stitchsmith’s stunning needlework designs in her online shop.

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