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Glow in the dark cross stitchMr X Stitch, aka Jamie Chalmers, has created another travel-themed glow in the dark cross stitch range for DMC and it is awesome!

Using a combination of midnight blue Aida from Charles Craft, delicate shades of DMC mouline and DMC glow-in-the-dark stranded embroidery cotton, Mr X Stitch has brought to life some of the world’s best-loved buildings.

Beautiful by day, like the real-life scenes that inspired them, the designs are breathtaking by night too.

Here, Jamie tells us all about the awesome glow in the dark cross stitch kits.

As the SewandSo faithful will be aware, I’ve got a bit of a thing for glow in the dark thread. Whether it’s a throwback to the raving past (that I didn’t actually have as I was into heavy metal) or my affection for the movie Tron, I just love a bit of stitching that glows!

Glow in the dark cross stitchWhen DMC got in touch and offered me the chance to design some cross stitch patterns for them, I jumped at the chance, and it didn’t take long before I was getting my glow on. I’d had my first glow in the d’architecture idea for my forthcoming book – The Mr X Stitch Guide to Cross Stitch – where I’ve designed the Empire State building, and I just loved the idea of having iconic buildings that appeared in stitch even with the lights off. DMC agreed it was a swell idea and off we went.

Some of the designs were easier than others, as it’s not always easy translating the curved top of the Chrysler building or the domed roof of the Taj Mahal, but they’ve turned out really well and I hope that people will really like them. I think my personal favourite is Rome at Night because the lighting in the Colosseum is super dramatic and the glowing effect really works well. I’m up for suggestions for other locations for future designs and would love to hear what people think of the designs. They can find me on all the usual social media channels!

Glow in the dark cross stitch

Happy stitching everyone!

What do you think about Glow In The D’architecture and which city will you be stitching? I think I will start with our Capital City, London.

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