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read-gillians-storyGillian shares her story of how crochet helped her after being diagnosed with an illness.

I thought I would share my story of how sewing and crochet have helped with my recovery over the past 5 years. I suddenly became ill and found myself in hospital with pleurisy for about 3 weeks, however, I just couldn’t fully recover from it and repeatedly found myself in hospital for weeks on end. After numerous months and tests, I was finally diagnosed with Lupus. I had to give up work and my love of performing and choreographing in the theatre came to an abrupt end as I found my days were spent on the sofa, asleep or at yet another doctor’s appointment.

It was at this point that I knew I needed to do something as my emotional well-being was at an all time low and so I decided that I would teach myself to crochet. My nan had taught me to knit when I was a child but I quite fancied challenging myself to something new. I quickly picked it up and my days slowly began to have purpose again.

As I made things my mood improved and I began to feel as though I could get through this and that my illness wouldn’t dictate who I am. It took about 18 months to become stable and during this time I also rediscovered my love of sewing and was hired to make costumes for a production of Bugsy Malone which had over 60 children and 200 costumes!I absolutely loved the challenge and I could say that I was someone again not just Gill with ‘that illness’ who can’t do anything.

It is now another 3 years on and my love of sewing and crochet hasn’t waned and I’m very quick to recommend the arts to friends when they have barriers in front of them. I’m booked for costumes for all of next year and have so many WIP’s on the go that I never have nothing to do!!!

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