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Washi Tape ChristmasIf you’re looking for cute gift wrapping ideas, you can’t go wrong with this creative and playful washi tape pinwheel, from Kami Bigler’s new book, Washi Tape Christmas.

Typically a pinwheel is something that reminds us of springtime, but it’s such a classic shape that it really needs to be used all year round. Plus its design makes the perfect gift topper to show off your favorite washi tape patterns.


You will need:

  • washi tape
  • white paper cut into squares to fit the top of your gift boxes
  • long reach paper punch
  • fine-tip scissors
  • brads
  • clear sticky tape



1 To make one pinwheel, start attaching rows of washi tape to both sides of a white paper square. You could use card stock here, but I think a thinner piece of paper works better.

2 Once you have a washi tape pattern on both sides of your square, trim off the torn edges to create a clean square. Then use a long reach paper punch to punch a tiny hole in the center of the square.

3 Using fine-tip scissors , cut diagonal lines from each corner of the square to almost mid center, but take care not to cut all the way to the center. Then punch tiny holes in the right corner of each side.

4 Now you’re ready to bend the square into a pinwheel shape. Grab a small brad and poke it through the hole on each corner around the square in turn.

Tip: Not all washi tape is very sticky, and may come unstuck when the paper is bent into the shape of the pinwheel. If this happens, you can always add a tiny glue dot under the tape to secure it down.

5 Finish off by inserting the same brad through the center hole. Bend the ends of the brad to hold all the corners of the paper together in the center.

Gift Wrapping Ideas Washi Tape PinwheelsGift Wrapping Ideas Washi Tape PinwheelsGift Wrapping Ideas Washi Tape Pinwheels

6 Add this cute gift topper to any box with a little piece of clear sticky tape.

There you have it, happy way to finish off your Christmas gifts this year! These pinwheel gift toppers would also look darling all lined up as party favors, or snuck into a stocking.

Gift Wrapping Ideas Washi Tape Pinwheels

This and many more creative gift wrapping ideas can be found in Kami’s book, Washi Tape Christmas and on Kami’s excellent blog


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