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Tone FinnangerTone Finnanger is the talented designer behind the Tilda brand which includes fabric, paper and notions, as well as craft books and home products, all in Tone’s distinctive style.

There are two new Tilda collections for spring 2015: Apple Bloom and Spring Lake. Tone describes the Apple Bloom collection as a “classically feminine and pretty spring collection”. The other collection, Spring Lake, has a colour palette of aqua blue and light green. “The pattern was inspired by a closet full of sweet, retro summer dresses in which different designs seem to belong together because the owner loves a particular colour scheme,” explains Tone.Tone Finnanger Spring Lake

We wanted to find out more about the designer behind the brand so here are seven facts about Tone Finnanger that every Tilda fan should know.

  1. Tone describes Tilda’s world as ‘whimsical and romantic’ — ‘like wearing a ball gown with wellies’.totto
  2. Tone started the Tilda brand in 1999 at the age of 25!
  3. She grew up in the Norwegian city, Oslo, but now lives and works on a small island in the Oslo fjord.
  4. The mountain lodge where the Tilda title ‘Homemade and Happy’ was photographed is Tone’s family holiday home and Tone’s little sister Tiril was the model.
  5. Tone has a dog called Totto who likes to muscle in on the photo shoots.
  6. She studied fine art and graphic design.
  7. The first Tilda products were two simple Easter sewing kits. Today 120-150 new Tilda products are launched each year.


Tone Finnanger Apple Bloom


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