Getting to Know Claire Garland

Claire GarlandClaire Garland is the founder of ‘Dot Pebbles’, a collection of knitted doll patterns that she sells through her website and Etsy. As part of the blog hop to celebrate the publication of Claire’s latest book, Knit The Alphabet, we asked Claire about the book and her love of knitting…

How did you start knitting?
“I had been taught at school (eons ago) although about 14 years ago it was my mum whom I asked to give me a refresher course – I wanted to re-learn the basics so that I could knit a doll similar to some sewn dolls that I had made.”

What inspires you when thinking of a new design?
“I am a huge fan of Pinterest and the many millions of colourful and inspiring images that appear on that site. Previous to that discovery, I still would say colour – be it a collection of colours in a magazine; could be a picture of anything from horticulture to homewares or foodie pics (I am also a big fan of wonderfully photographed cookery books). I apply that colour inspiration to thinking of things that I want to knit.”

Knit the AlphabetDo you enjoy crochet as well as knitting?
“Yes, oh yes – it’s my new love!”

Do you have a favourite type of yarn? And favourite colours?
“Having discovered Garnstudio and their ‘Drops’ yarn I would say this is my favourite yarn of the moment – in particular the Aran and DK choices (Alaska and Nepal) and the colours they develop. I’m always drawn to pink, but do try to steer away from using it too much!”

What do you love about knitting letters?
“The challenge! Curves are quite a challenge, especially as I don’t want any seams to sew up!”

What have you used the knitted letters for?
Alphabet knitting patterns“Room installations (children’s rooms mainly) and birthday gifts – they make great presents for friends and family who have everything!”

What is so great about patterns with no seams to sew?
“Having no bulky seams is one advantage, but what I think is the best thing (for me when I’m designing) is that I can see the whole thing as it evolves instead of mentally working it out and constructing it in flat sections.”

What are you working on at the moment?
“Crochet dolls and crochet letters (with numbers to follow)! A fabulous challenge!”

Get your copy of Knit the Alphabet or download the individual PDF patterns to knit your chosen letters. 

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