How to Make | Gentleman’s Notebook

It can often be difficult to choose presents for the men in your life, but we’ve found the perfect gift for a dapper gent with lists to make! This sophisticated gentleman’s notebook cover by Jeni Hennah comes complete with a cross-stitched bowler hat, moustache and cane.

Gentleman's Notebook

You Will Need:

Here’s how to make the gentleman’s notebook…

1. Take the piece of linen and mark the centre. Use the centre point as a guide for positioning the design.

2. Cross stitch the design using two strands of black or dark brown stranded cotton following the chart provided.

3. Measure the height and width of the front cover of your notebook and the width of the spine. Double the measurement for the width of the front cover (to allow for the back cover) and then add the spine width. This is the total width of your notebook. To calculate the size of the felt strip needed for your cover add 1.3cm (½in) to the height and 10cm (4in) to the total width. The notebook shown here has a height of 12cm (4¾in) with a front cover width of 16cm (6¼in) and a spine width of 0.5cm (¼in), so the felt strip would be 13.3 x 42.5cm (5¼ x 16¾in). Cut a piece of dark brown felt to the required size.

4. Fold over each side of the felt strip in by 5cm (2in) and sew all around the edges to hold in place. Attach the cross-stitched piece to the front of the felt piece with blanket stitch using two strands of dark brown stranded cotton.

5. Wrap the felt piece around the notebook by pushing the book cover into the flaps at the front and back.

This project has been excerpted from 101 Ways to Stitch Craft Create Vintage.

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