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Garter stitch is the first stitch pattern we learn as knitters–and now, we celebrate the beauty and sophistication of this simple stitch with Garter Stitch Revival.

Garter Stitch Revival consists of 20 breathtaking designs for women using the often overlooked, simple garter stitch. The stitch is frequently used on lay flat designs that you may spot on the clean-lined hemming of your favourite jumper or cardigan. The designs show how we can not only use the garter stitch to support other stitch patterns but of how it can be used, as the main stitch, to create simply stunning designs your friends will be envious of.

You are almost immediately lured into this book, with it’s bright and gorgeous staple designs that will take you through the seasons from the tips of your toes, with the ‘argyle diamonds socks’, through to Megan Elyse William’s flapper cloche (below, left) which will keep your head warm, with the added sophistication every woman desires – I don’t know about you, but I often find it hard to find a hat that portrays beauty within every stitch and this hat certainly does that!

Garter Stitch RevivalGarter Stitch RevivalGarter Stitch revival

Sachiko Burgin’s ‘festival halter top’ (above, centre) is perfect for those spring nights, the texture and the repetition of the stitch is simple, yet elegant and it is created by simply using the springy, supple garter stitch that allows the top to stretch whilst you’re dancing the night away. If scarves are your thing then why not try the ‘Pixie hooded scarf’ (above, far right) which has drawn inspiration from the children’s hooded pixie coats and the women’s cloaks of the 70’s. The length of one side is worked longer so that you can keep your hands warm in the cleverly designed diagonal pockets – perfect for those winter days or the chilly, autumnal nights.

Here is a sneaky peek at some more of the projects from inside the book.

Garter Stitch Revival New

Garter Stitch Revival CoverThis book is so beautiful. These perfect for summer knits will make you a style icon this summer. Pre-order your copy now and get the eBook for FREE!

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