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This step-by-step DIY gadget case sewing pattern can be made in several different sizes to fit your tablet or phone. This simple sewing project is a great way to keep your gadgets safe and looking great!

free DIY gadget case sewing patternFor this gadget case sewing pattern, you will need:


1. Measure the object that you want the case to hold. Cut three rectangles of red felt: two front pieces measuring approximately 2cm (¾in) more than the object’s width and length, and one back piece measuring 2cm (¾in) more than the object’s width and 5cm (2in) more than the object’s length. For example, if the object measures 5cm x 10cm (2in x 37?8in), the front pieces will measure 7cm x 12cm (2¾in x 4¾in) and the back piece will measure 7cm x 15cm (2¾in x 6in).

2. Cut out twelve 2cm (¾in) squares in different colours of felt to decorate the front of the case.

3. Attach the felt squares to one of the front pieces by sewing with blanket stitch using two strands of white stranded cotton (DMC BLANC).

4. Decide which of the shorter sides of the decorated front piece will be the ‘top’ and sew buttons to the squares at this end.

5. Pin the second front piece to the back of the decorated piece. Blanket stitch along the ‘top’ side (one of the shorter sides that will become the top of the inside of the case) using two strands of white stranded cotton (DMC BLANC).

6. Pin the back piece to the two front pieces, ensuring that the overlap is at the ‘top’ and that the decorated front piece is on the outside. Cut small slits at the top of the back piece above each button and check that the buttons can be pulled through easily.

7. Blanket stitch around the outside of the whole case using two strands of white stranded cotton (DMC BLANC), removing the pins as you work around. The two front pieces should be completely sewn together and a pocket should be created between the second front piece and the back piece.

What did you think of the gadget case sewing pattern? Have you made one? Let us know in the comments below.


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