Fun Apron Sewing Pattern

Want to look stylish in the kitchen? Don this funky apron! This fun apron sewing pattern by Hannah Kelly uses laminated fabric to create a wipe-clean apron with a handy pocket for your oven glove or tea towel!

Fun apron sewing pattern

You Will Need:

  • Fabric for apron: One piece 100cm x 60cm (40in x 24in)
  • Fabric for pocket and ties: One piece 20cm x 20cm (77?8in x 77?8in), Three pieces 50cm x 4cm (20in x 1½in)
  • Black sewing thread

Fun Apron Sewing Pattern Instructions:

1. Cut the arm shapes from the apron fabric leaving a 20cm (7 7/8in) width across the top of the fabric and 25cm (9 7/8in) in length from the top. Machine stitch with an overlocking stitch all around the edge of the apron.

2. Take the fabric strips and fold each in half with right sides facing; sew along one end and the long edge to leave one end open. Turn right side out. Fold in the edges of the open ends and hand stitch closed.

3. Sew the two waist ties and the necktie in place at the edges of the apron. Adjust the length of the necktie for personal preference.

4. Fold the edges of the pocket in by 1cm (3/8in). Sew along the top edge of the pocket, and then sew the prepared pocket onto the apron in your preferred position.

5. Make sure you leave the pocket top open and be sure to catch the folded edges of the pocket with your stitches.

Have you tried our fun apron sewing pattern? Let us know how you got in in the comments below – or share a picture with us on Facebook or Instagram! And visit our shop for delicious designer fabrics.


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