How to Use Freezer Paper

Freezer paper might be a strange bedfellow for crafters, but boy, is it a useful one!

Having recently reviewed our haberdashery ranges, we’ve added Reynold’s Freezer Paper to our core stock, because we believe it’s one of the most helpful things to have to hand for applique and any sewing project where small templates are required.

reynolds freezer paper

Why Freezer Paper?

Freezer paper is a bit like greaseproof paper, but has a waxy coating on one side. It was designed to wrap and protect food for the deep freeze, but then some bright quilter figured out that if you cut patterns from it and iron them onto fabric, they stick, but are easy to peel off. Someone give that woman a medal!

How to Use It

Draw your templates onto the non-shiny side of the paper, cut them out and gently iron them onto your fabric, and that’s all there is to it. If they are not in the right place, simply peel them off and re-position them – they can be re-used multiple times. Having the patterns stuck to the fabric means that you don’t need to draw round them or use pins, which can distort the fabric, particularly on curves.

Watch how Emily Levey uses it in this excerpt from our Sewing My Rag Doll video (you can get the full video here).

Other Uses

Freezer paper has LOTS of other uses too… you can cut stencils from it, use it to transfer designs onto fabric, use it as a template for free motion quilting, use it for foundation piecing, use it in screenprinting and so much more.

Check out our Pinterest board for lots of ideas that will have you getting creative with this marvelous stuff! And make sure you share your best ideas for using it in the comments below.


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