Free Soft Toy Patterns: Cute Characters to Sew

We’ve gathered our favourite free soft toy patterns in one handy place so that you can find the design you’re searching for!

The stitched characters in our free soft toy sewing patterns eBook will delight all ages! These sewing projects make great gifts for friends and family and are really simple to make. The eBook features 4 adorable free soft toy patterns including a mischievous mouse, a lovable lion, a curious caterpillar and a mad monster:

Free mouse sewing pattern
Free lion sewing pattern, perfect toy for the kids!
Free caterpillar sewing pattern
Free monster sewing pattern

Download our free soft toy sewing patterns eBook to learn how to make these 4 cute characters! As well as templates for all the designs, the section at the back of the book advises you on the basic tools you’ll need and the simple sewing techniques involved to achieve professional results. Whether you are looking for a fun new project or want to create a keepsake for someone special, this must-have eBook offers 4 adorable sewn toy patterns that you will enjoy making time and time again.

More FREE soft toy patterns

For more free soft toy sewing patterns, check out the following links for some other unique designs:

Free elephant toy pattern from Sew and So!
Adorable Elephant:
Create this elephant toy from 101 Ways to Stitch Craft Create using beautiful floral fabrics. Pick a contrasting colour for the ears to give your toy some extra personality!
You'll love sewing together this free, bunny pattern!
Sock Bunny:
This toy project from Stray Sock Sewing is so simple to make. Just grab an unwanted sock and start sewing!
Russian Doll sewing pattern, one out of many toy sewing patterns we have at Sew and So!
Russian Doll:
These cute decorations can be scaled up into toy-sized babushka dolls, bursting with folk charm.

Which is your favourite of these free soft toy sewing patterns?

If you’re looking for more toy sewing patterns for animals and dolls, don’t miss our fantastic range of toy sewing pattern downloads!
Toy sewing pattern downloads

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6 thoughts on “Free Soft Toy Patterns: Cute Characters to Sew

  1. Hi, just tried to print out the soft toy ebook but it is only printing out every other page because the page size is took large (looks like you’ve put them on A3). How do I get it to print the right hand side of the page? Also how do I manage to enlarge the pattern templates by 200% when that means that won’t fit on an A4 page? Sorry if I’m being silly but I can’t figure out how to do it (I’m on a Mac).

    Any help would be gratefully received.

    Kind regards

  2. You should have an option to ’tile’ or ‘scale’ when you print and then select a size. If you’re viewing the ebook in Adobe Acrobat, select ‘Poster’ and then enter 200% in the ‘Tile Scale’ box. The templates are larger than A4, so will print across numerous pages and you’ll need to stick them to together to use.

  3. File does seem to be set up for A3 size. I cannot print the right side of the pages in the e-book. It is printing only the 19 pages on A4!

    I am not even at the template printing stage yet.

    Can you help please?

    p.s. I bought the Gerbera Giraffe and it seems to print correctly.


  4. The PDF has been set up to print as individual A4 pages, but if you open it in Adobe Acrobat, or a similar PDF viewer, you should be able to select to print multiple pages together on a larger paper size.

    The templates need to be enlarged by 200%, so you can either print these pages at A3 size or tile the templates over multiple A4 pages.

    Hope that helps! Let me know if you’re still having issues with printing.